How to prepare your home for photography

How to prepare your home for photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and when you are preparing to sell your house this saying certainly rings true. The pictures on your listing are the first thing that people will swipe through, so the first impression that they create is really important to ensure you get viewings and ultimately sell your home.

But how do you prepare your home for photography that will maximise its appeal and make potential buyers want to see more? To help you out we’ve created a list of the top tips to prepare each room in your home for photography.

Front and Back

The entrance to your property needs to make a good first impression. Remove all unnecessary items such as bins, cars in the driveway, children’s toys, bikes etc. This will help make the area look as tidy as possible and neutral so a potential buyer can imagine living there. Ensure the front and back gardens are as tidy as possible too; mow the grass, take out any weeds.


Make sure that there are no dishes in the sink or on the drying rack. You want to make sure that your kitchen looks as clutter free as possible to give the impression of space and imply that there is plenty of storage available. Wipe down all your appliances that look dusty or dirty. Finally remove any items such as pet products, bins and mops to ensure the space is as clean as possible.

Living and Dining Room

With public rooms in particular you want to ensure that they look spacious. This means getting in as much light as possible. Remove anything that might make the room look smaller than it is such as rugs and foot stools and remove personal items like toys and family pictures so that the room is more neutral and buyers can picture their own items in it.


As with public rooms you want your bedrooms to appear spacious and give potential buyers the opportunity to imagine themselves living here. This again means removing any unnecessary furniture and ensuring your rooms are neutral by removing personal possessions. Keep surfaces as clear as possible and get as much natural light into the room as possible. Finally be sure and straighten the bed covers! It would surprise you to know just how many people forget to do this and how much messier a room can look from a wrinkled sheet!

For more help and advice, speak to the experts at Joyce Heeps Homes – we’ll always make sure your home looks at its best in all of our photographs.