Selling your home at Christmas – Less is More!

Selling your home at Christmas – Less is More!

Whether your home is already on the market or you’re thinking about selling, having a property for sale over the festive period can be stressful.  You’ve got plenty of things to do at work and at home, which can make scheduling and hosting viewings a daunting prospect – but there are many pros to having your home for sale at Christmas.

Your property will be looking at its best; full of colourful decorations with a homely feel that buyers will love.  The people who view your home will also be more likely to be serious, committed property hunters.  After all, no one goes house hunting for ‘fun’ at this time of year!

If your home is for sale over Christmas, we have one top tip for making the most of this naturally joyful season: Less is more!

Try to choose tasteful decorations that complement your existing colour scheme for a stylish look.  Choose two colours to focus on, and try not to fill every nook and cranny with ornaments that sing and dance!

If the idea of a minimal style Christmas is not for you, and the idea of a ‘stylish’ tree makes you gasp – then try to limit your Christmas decor to just one room.  This will let you indulge in all the holiday spirit you like, without overpowering your whole home.

If you put up a tree, make sure it isn’t too big for the room.  An over-sized tree will make your room seem smaller than it is.  Scale back your tree size to complement and enhance your room, and make sure viewers don’t have to squeeze past it to get to features they want to see!

Christmas tends to bring with it a whole host of extra ‘stuff’ into your home – presents, food, decorations…so think about clearing space by packing away things for other seasons.  Store summer clothes, toys and furniture to make space for the extra winter things.  You’ll only need to pack them up when you move anyway, so just think of it as getting a job done ahead of time!

If you need any more help or advice around selling your home at this time of year, get in touch with Joyce Heeps Homes today.