Top 10 property searches in 2016

Top 10 property searches in 2016

Did you know that 45 million people visit Zoopla every year? Which is one of the reasons why we list all of our properties on their site!

It also gives us access to some of the amazing industry data that a site with so many users can provide. One interesting little set of statistics showed us what the top keyword searches were on the site last year – in other words, what are the top features buyers looked for last year across the whole of the UK?

Take a look:

1. Garden
2. Garage
3. Detached
4. Parking
5. Bungalow
6. Furnished
7. Annexe
8. Cottage
9. Acres
10. Rural

Are any of these features what you’d consider a ‘must have’ in your next home?

On Joyce Heeps Homes’ website – your most searched for terms did not match the UK’s Zoopla users! You like to search for particular streets and areas in and around East Kilbride, and then narrow down your search with our website filters. Still, interesting to know the rest of the UK’s trends!

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