Top tips for moving with kids

Top tips for moving with kids

They say moving home is one of the most stressful times of your life and if you are moving with children then there will be an added level of complexity. From arranging the move to feeling settled in your new home here are a few tips to make your move stress free.

  1. Get your Children involved in planning for the move
    • Children will feel much more comfortable if they understand when and why they are moving. Talk to them about the move and let them know what to expect.
    • Find ways to get them involved this could be anything from helping to pack up their belongings to making change of address cards to give to their friends.
    • If possible let them visit the new house beforehand to make them comfortable in their surroundings on moving day
  1. Do as much preparation as you can
    • Moving home is always a good excuse for a clear out. Get the kids involved too by getting them to choose some toys that they no longer play with and donate them to charity
    • Start packing non-essential items early
    • Organise time off work/school if required
    • Cancel any regular deliveries, and set up a redirect for your mail
  1. Create an Essentials Box
    An essentials box is simply a box of items that you keep with you on the day of the move. Items the box might contain include:

    • Important documentation
    • Toys/games for the kids
    • Phone chargers
    • Medicine
    • Toilet roll

    If your kids are helping on moving day why not let them pack their own essential box that they’re responsible for on the day?

  1. Prepare for a smooth moving day
    • Pack the boxes onto the moving van last that you want unpacked first. This could be the kids toys so that they have something to play with as soon as you arrive
    • If possible, asking friends or family to look after the children for part of the day might help make moving and unpacking a little bit easier
  1. Settle into your new home quickly
    • Unpack the kids’ stuff first get them feel at home straight away
    • Have a family dinner on the first night and take some time to enjoy your new surroundings
    • Let the kids plan a welcome party for their friends
    • Get them involved in the unpacking and setting up their new rooms
    • Go out for a walk in your new neighbourhood and find a park to play in