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How often do we move house in the UK?

Homebuyers are waiting more than two decades on average between house moves, according to Zoopla’s latest figures.  Evidence of the property market slowdown has been highlighted with the snapshot showing that Britons currently move home every 23 years on average.

However, the snapshot does show wide variations across the UK, with the country’s most frequent movers in Midlothian, where properties change hands every 14.9 years.

Even with speedier movers in Scotland, the statistics are a far cry from the same research in 1988, when a more buoyant market saw people moving home every 8.6 years!

This period in history was known as the ‘Lawson Boom’ – a time of strong economic growth under the Chancellor, Nigel Lawson.  Instead, 2017 has seen muted activity in the housing market on the back of tax changes, political and economic uncertainty and a shortage of homes for sale, all topped off with ongoing affordability problems.

Homeowners move because of jobs changes, a growing family, or to be closer to relatives.  With lots of different reasons for moving, there are lots of different factors which can affect the frequency people move house.

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