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Beautiful Budget Balconies

Not everyone has a garden and, let’s be honest, not everyone wants one!  Between work, your social life, just keeping on top of your home’s inside can be enough work!  But if you live in a flat or apartment in East Kilbride, you probably have a balcony or a small amount of private outside space, so here are our top tips for gorgeous, low maintenance balcony projects.

  1. Sit down

If your balcony is used for everything from storage, to clothes drying, furniture may not seem like a practical choice.  But to save you dragging out your kitchen stools every time you want some fresh air, think about some foldable furniture that can be stored against the wall when you need the space for something else.

  1. Look down

If your balcony has the usual Glasgow grey concrete floor, you could add a bit of personality and luxury by adding a stylish floor.  There are so many options that could suit your outside space.  Decking is too big and cumbersome for a small balcony, but you can get decking tiles which may work a treat!  Or classic tiles for a Mediterranean feel.  If your balcony is more exposed and decking or tiles would get slippery, how about artificial grass?

  1. Calm Down

Make your balcony a place to relax with some calming lighting.  Choose something that suits you – coloured or plain; a string of LED lights or some beautiful candles in lanterns.  Just because it’s outside does not mean you can’t have some accessories to add personality make it feel like your own space.

  1. Brighten up!

Add some colour in a theme that you like – bright and tropical or tranquil and calming – whatever suits your home.  Bring it into the balcony with plants (real or artificial if you are more grey thumbed than green fingered!), cushions, tiles, accessories and even prints on the wall!

Whether you want to boost your balcony as a selling point for your home, or for you to enjoy, it can be a great, low cost project any time of the year to bring your East Kilbride flat to life.  If you are thinking of selling or looking for a home, get in touch with Joyce Heeps Homes today.

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