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Get your Garden Ready for a Summer House Sale

Each year the big property sites including Rightmove and Zoopla release a list of the keywords that are searched for most on their websites, and each year ‘garden’ tops the charts.  Now, gardens are not for everyone!  Some of our customers are desperate to downsize to a beautiful property with no outdoor space to care for; but if you do have a property that could attract our green-fingered property seekers, then here are our top tips to get your outdoor space ready for a summer sale!

  1. Cover the basics

Before you get carried away with sledgehammers and rolls of turf, think of your garden like any other room in your house and don’t go crazy!  In all likelihood, the new owners of your property will want to put their own mark on the outdoor space as much as they will on the interior, so think ‘maintenance’ not ‘makeover’!  Remove the junk, cut the lawn, cut back anything dead or dying and say goodbye to the weeds. 

Top tip – Tidy and manageable are what buyers are after.

  1. Add some colour

Whatever time of year you are selling, there will be some flowers in bloom.  If you’re stuck go to a garden centre, or even somewhere like B&Q and pick up some inexpensive, brightly coloured flowers to bring a bit of brightness to the garden.  Keep them in pots, or add them to flowerbeds – whatever suits you.

Top tip – don’t break your budget, and don’t spend days on it, just think easy to manage, and pretty to look at!

  1. Take care of the lawn

A brown, or overgrown lawn is not an ideal first impression for a prospective buyer!  Many people do ‘drive bys’ before they arrange a viewing of a property so do your best to make sure your house looks great at a glance!  Cut the grass, remember to do the edges and make them look neat and tidy, and add some feed and weed if it needs it.

Top tip – don’t go crazy with moss or weed killer even if it is specially formulated for lawns as it can make things worse before they get better.

  1. Get a bit creative

If it’s a lovely day, and viewers are coming over, set out the chairs, or open up the BBQ.  Make a bit of a show that you were enjoying a cool drink in the garden, or that you’re having people over later to enjoy the space.  The same way as you would with the inside, do your best to help them visualise living in the space.

Top tip – be honest, don’t pretend you’ve hosted a garden party for 20 if the most you’ve had is a disposable BBQ for 2!

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