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How many properties do you view before choosing a home?

Developer Strata has published the results of a new survey which suggests that the average house hunter in the UK views between four and eight houses before putting in an offer.  Some estate agents are writing that this is a sign that house hunters are taking longer than ever before to choose their next property…but we’re not so sure!

The property market has certainly started to speed up in the last 6 months, and we’re seeing properties moving through our listings much quicker than in recent times, so we don’t think that people are taking longer to choose their next property.

In fact, if it’s not crazy to sit on more than four sofas before choosing the best one for your home, surely it’s not so unusual to look at four homes before investing in one?!

Strata’s survey showed that 31% of buyers will view up to three properties, and that they would have been happy to make an offer on one of the first houses they viewed, while just 10% of buyers will view a total of 16 homes before coming to a decision.

There were also marked differences between first time buyers and existing homeowners.  People who already have a home tend to view more houses than those who are buying their first property, and they tend to have more extensive wish lists!

The research points to better interior photos and ‘tour’ videos in helping house hunters discount properties without having to visit them in person.

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Photo by Dane Deaner.

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