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How to Choose the Best Moving Company

When the ‘hard part’ of buying, or renting a new property is over and you have a moving in date, you are suddenly faced with a whole new set of challenges! Clearing out, packing and ultimately planning how you’ll get your precious things from one place to another. Everyone is different, and you’ll know whether it’s the right decision to move by yourself, with friends, with a ‘Man-and-a-van’ or with a big removal firm.

If you choose to call in the professionals, finding the right team to help you can be daunting, so here are our top tips for choosing a great removal firm.

  1. Research online
    Look for companies with professional websites – without generalising too much, it stands to reason that if a firm understands the power of online advertising they are more likely to worry about getting good online reviews! Then seek out the reviews and choose a few to investigate further.
  2. Look at the information on their websites
    You are looking for a company that has good, clear information on what they offer and what they don’t.       Most good companies offer free, non-obligatory quotes; have full insurance; offer a range of services; have good quality vehicles; and a professional team of moving specialists.       If they don’t offer these things as a minimum, don’t trust them with your things!
  3. Ask friends and family
    Speak to people you know have moved in the last year or so and see who they used and what they thought of them.       It’s always worth mentioning that a friend or family member recommended you when booking with a firm.
  4. Get a quote with full terms and conditions
    Different moving companies charge differently. Some might charge you by the hour, other by weight and specialist items, and others by staff members, or some combinations of all three. Make sure you understand the pricing structure, what’s included and what isn’t.
  5. Compare quotes
    You’ve put this much time and energy into choosing a company, it’s worth taking a little extra time to get a few quotes and compare them. Remember not to just look at price, but to consider what’s included as well.

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