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Moving house doesn’t have to be stressful!

Whether you are buying or selling, moving home is rarely a stress free event.  You’re packing up everything you own and moving it into a property you’ve only been in a handful of times…if you don’t find that stressful then you are definitely in the minority!

We’ve pulled together lots of articles so far to help you through the craziness of moving house – but here are a few ‘hacks’ that should hopefully make everything run smoothly:

  1. Invest in some boxes

While rooting around the side of a supermarket recycling bin for a pile of ‘free’ boxes seems like a great money saving trick, investing in some quality moving boxes will be worth it – honest.  Not only are they going to be stronger they will be easier to label and write on than branded boxes.  And you can reuse them for storing things after you’ve moved.


Following on from tip one, investing in labels will save you lots of headaches too!  When you’re clearing out, coloured labels can help you figure out what is to go and what has to stay.  When you’re packing, coloured labels help you (and your removal team) figure out which boxes belong in which rooms.  Big labels with clear information on what’s inside the boxes will help you figure out what needs unpacked on your first day in your new home.

  1. Put the essentials aside

Make sure that your child’s favourite teddy doesn’t get packed, or your toothbrushes stay out for the morning of the move by simply packing for an overnight trip, and setting your bags in the car before the removal team arrive.  Keep basic cleaning supplies, snacks, toilet roll and other essentials separate as well.  It saves a trip to the shops in the middle of the move!

  1. Make things easy for yourself

There are lots of ‘hacks’ on Pinterest and other sites to help you save yourself time packing and unpacking.  For instance, if you keep all of your clothes on their hangers, you can tie the hooks together with elastic bands, and slip a bundle into a bag.  Then when you get into your new home you can just hang them up rather than having to unfold and rehang everything!

Have a look online for some hints and tips, or check through our articles and see how easy this difficult time could be if you prepare well.


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