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What is important to home buyers in 2016?

When you are showing a potential buyer around your home, your job is to highlight your home’s strengths.  You can’t always guess what’s important to that particular person or family, so we’ve pulled together a list of trends that we have seen buyers asking about this year so far.  Your home may not have all of these features – but that’s no reason to panic!  These are just some topics that we think are worth remembering when you are talking to buyers:


Energy-efficiency is becoming increasingly important.  We all know we need to ‘go green’, but we also care very much about lower energy bills!  Insulation, double-glazed windows, or just the type of heating installed (e.g. electric, gas or oil) are all topics a buyer will be interested in.

Somewhere to work

Whether people are lucky enough to get to work from home during the day, or they just need somewhere quiet to check emails in the evening – a space to work is becoming increasingly important to buyers.  Not all homes can have a dedicated office space, but buyers will be interested to know about internet in the area – so remember to let them know how you find your current provider.

Space for their things

If TV’s property programs have taught us anything in the last decade, it is pack away the clutter.  If your home is too busy with knick-knacks for buyers to tell what colour the walls are…it’s time to get the boxes out and pack some of your trinkets away!  Help buyers to visualise where their own precious things will go by giving them the space to imagine.

If you need help showing your home to your potential buyers, don’t worry – help is always at hand for our customers at Joyce Heeps Homes.  Get in touch to find out more.

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